"It's not much, but it's mine."

Telegram Bots

Provides inline search on image board and more...

WARNING: This bot can serve adult content!

Simple bot utilizing new bots 2.0 features to provide simple games that can be played directly in the chats.

Websites and Online Tools

Web server listing tool for Don't Starve Together with filtering and stats.

List showing all servers that are registered on JKHub's master server.

Website for my modded Left 4 Dead 2 server.

Multi-line binds generator for Quake 3 engine based games.

Scripts and Libraries

PHP library for creating Telegram bots using the official Telegram Bot API.

Contributing to this project.

Downloads pools from image board automatically.

Fetches server list from a Quake 3 based master server and save it to a file.

Provides screenshot and file upload functionality for linux users.